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Group Program

Diet Deprogramming

Nearly EVERY woman has struggled with sticking to diets, chaotic eating habits, and yo-yo’ing weight (me included!) 

But what if there was a BETTER way to lose weight?

In short: The Diet Deprogramming Group Program. It involves working with me and a small group of women who have struggled as well. We are in this together! Diet Deprogramming combines the science of nutrition with the psychology of eating and shows you how to achieve lasting weight loss in a sustainable way. No more diets. No more quick fixes. Just you, living your best life.

In the weekly group sessions, I will help you:


  • Become free from self-sabotage

  • Get clear on the thinking patterns that keep you stuck

  • Have freedom from emotional eating

  • Understand and navigate cravings

  • Learn how to apply self-compassion instead of shame and blame

  • And at the core of it all are my Foundational Four – the four crucial components in successful weight loss and maintenance – Sleep, Stress, Movement, Flexible nutrition


I’ve been helping women lose weight and enjoy the process for 17 years now and it never ceases to amaze me... many people don’t realize that weigh loss is less about the food and more about the mindset. 

It’s no one's fault—we’ve all been taught the wrong way. But it’s time we set the record straight.

The truth is, you don’t have to punish & restrict yourself into weight loss. There is a much better way, and I’m here to guide you through it


So, here’s the programs nitty gritty:


  • 12 week Program

  • Weekly LIVE video group sessions

  • Weekly LIVE video Q & A sessions   

  • Private Facebook Community 

  • Weekly accountability and worksheets


Setting up for Success

  • Being ok with yourself right now

  • Self-love

  • Replacing shame with compassion

  • Your BIG Why? 



Weight loss Without Willpower

  • How to change for good 

  • Feeling based goal setting 



Reprograming habits

giving yourself credit   



Thinking (cognitive model), beliefs and mindset



Learning to listen to your body

  • Hunger/satiety 

  • Mindfulness – eating, environment, planning 



Stop overeating

  • cravings, urges, desire



Meeting emotional needs without food

  • Emotions 101

  • Body scan 

  • Self care


The Fundamental Four:   


  • Balanced and satisfying meals - flexible nutrition 


  • Joyful movement 

  • Sleep


  • Stress



Weight Loss challenges 

  • Social situations and pressures

  • Boundaries 



Taking intentional and consistent action

  • Getting back on track  

Let’s finally get you off that dieting roller coaster and achieve lasting weight loss. This 8-week group weight loss coaching program is where you will learn a proven process to help shift your thoughts, habits and behaviours around food and your body. 


Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before joining the program. I’m very happy to answer those questions to help you decide if Diet Deprogramming is right for you.

Click HERE to book at call. 

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